Jose Antonio Lopez-Escamez

Jose Antonio Lopez-Escamez

I share my position as Group leader of the Otology & Neurotology Group at the Pfizer-Universidad de Granada-Junta de Andalucia Centre for Genomics and Oncology Research (Genyo) since 2012, with the clinical work as ENT specialist at the Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves in Granada. Currently, I am visiting researcher at the Bioinformatic Core in the Luxembourg Centre for System Biomedicine for the design and development of a molecular map for Meniere disease (MD).

I am also invited professor at the Tissue Engineering and Advanced Therapies Master in the University of Granada (UGR) since 2008, being mentoring 11 Master students and 2 undergraduate students. Since 2013, I have been invited professor at the UGR Biomedicine Doctorate Programme and I have supervised and mentored successfully 4 PhD students.
Our research activity is committed to the Genomics of Vestibular Disorder, particularly to the identification of genetic variants and immune dysregulation in MD, a rare disorder of the inner ear causing vértigo, sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus. We are currently funded by ISCIII and several international agencies, including H2020 where we manage an European School for Tinnitus Research (

My education includes degree in Medicine and Surgery (1984-90), training as predoctoral researcher (1991-93), including a Master in Clinical Genetics at the UGR (1991), PhD dissertation on the aminogycoside-induced ototoxicity of the otolithic membrane in the vestibular system (director, Antonio Campos). My pre and postodoctoral training was completed at the Department of Physiology, St. Thomas Hospital, London (supervisor, Alice Warley; 1991, 1994) and Kresge Hearing Research Institute, Ann Arbor, Michigan (supervisor, Jochen Schacht; 1992 y 1993), where I performed isolation of vestibular hair cells to investigate Ca2+ transport in mechanoreceptors.

Later, I continued by training as ENT resident at the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves (1995-1999), starting to work at the Hospital de Poniente in 1999 where I stayed until 2015, being coordinator of the Research Department during 2008-9. I have a solid expertise in clinical otoneurology with advance training in vestibular neurophysiology and expertise in genomic of vestibular disorders. In 2002, we funded the Otology & Neurotology Group CTS495, which has been consolidating as European leader in genetics of MD.
I started in Genyo in 2011  as Associate Research in the group genetics of complex diseases (PI, Marta Alarcón), reaching my current position as PI in 2012. I have been PI in several multicenter projects funded in Spain, where we have organized a network of spanish and international collaborators for the study of MD (Meniere’s disease Consortium). I have also participated in 4 clinical trials in patients with acute vertigo and tinnitus, being in 2 of them national coordinator.

My resume includes >100 peer-reviewed journals, more than 1800 total citations and H-index=22 (Google Scholar). I have published 3 books in otoneurology and we have registered 4 patents, being one of them in the process of licencing to be exploted by Vestibular Genetic Diagnostic, a spin-off created in the research group.
I also have obtained the habilitation as Assistant Professor in Otorhinolaryngology in 2013 and become a Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Eastern Andalucia in 2013.