How to Clean Hearing Aid Domes

A hearing aid dome is the small bell-shaped piece made of plastic. It’s located at the end of the tube of the hearing aid. It’s this structure that is put into your ear. It’s important to note that a quality dome can accrue a lot of difference concerning the quality and performance of the hearing aid.

For the hearing impaired the hearing aids constitute an important input in work as well as a valuable investment. This shows how important it’s to maintain them clean and maintain them at home. Here are a few points you should take note of while taking care of hearing aids.

What are domes in hearing aids?

Domes are tiny, mushroom or roughly bell shoed structures made of silicon. The structure is connected to the hearing aid via tubing and fits into the ear canal. Domes come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the unique structure in each individual.

Domes are primarily used in behind the ear model of hearing aid. Under the circumstances, they are known as the receiver. It’ also known as the receiver in the ear. You can seek the guidance of professionals meant to fix it well without having to make ur hand soiled.

Hearing aids of sophistication

Hearing aids accrue the best results for individuals with a light or a more amount of hearing impairment. It is more important for those who have high -frequency hearing loss. This is the commonest type of aids associated with hearing impairment and is popularly known as presbycusis.

These hearing aid devices are small and comprise a microphone and processor that fits into a small case and are located behind the ear. The speaker is connected to the process by tiny tubes. The receiver in the canal (RIC) is not advised for those with a high to complete hearing impairment. People who have a high degree of impairment in the ears are behind the ear device are the most suitable.

Cleaning hearing aid domes

There are diverse cleaning tools that you can buy online. You can also get them at most drug stores. Seek the advice of your hearing healthcare.

The following are the essential tools that a hearing impairment professional tool should have.

Cleaning brush

The hearing aid cleaning brush provides soft brush tips and makes the bod. The soft brush tip makes the body clean. It also has the sound port or faceplate of the device. You can choose a brush with a magnetic battery removal tool to make easy for everyday cleaning.

Cleaning the hearing aid domes

If you feel your hearing aid needs cleaning up, or clean the dome, you do it easily. For this, remove the existing dome and take a new one. The best advice is to replace the dome each month. Alternatively, you could follow the advice of your hearing aid professional.

Cleaning the behind the ear hearing aids

Follow these steps

  • Wipe your hearing aids and the dome (earmold) with a clean piece of cloth, or special purpose hearing wipes.
  • Find out the microphone in the hearing device. Note that there are two microphones in some hearing aids.
  • Use the cleaning brush to clean the microphone ports. This will remove any debris or wax.
  • You can use a wax pick to clean the holes at the tip of the dome.

Cleaning tips for receiver in the ear hearing aids

  • Clean the hearing aid and dome with a piece of tissue paper, cloth, a special type of clothes, cleaning spray.
  • Find out the microphone/s and use a brush to clean the microphone ports. This will ensure the removal of debris and was.
  • To clean the dome, use a wax pick.
  • Avoid using anything for long in the speaker port. This may vitiate the quality as the components might be damaged.

Replace the wax filter if need be

If there is an earmold on the hearing aid, find the earmold vent. Use a cent cleaner to clean the vent. This opening lets air go from one side to another of the hearing aid.


Cleaning the domes of hearing aids is a little challenge in the sense that you need to handle them with care. This guide on how to clean hearing aid domes will be helpful. In the event you are not sure, the best option is to seek professional advice. This will help avoid the stress and anxiety of the job because of a lack of information.

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