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The Best Numbing Cream for Baby Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is a fashion trend that is done on both boys and girls. The process itself is painful, but grown-ups are willing to bear it all. Children are different, though- the pain can be too much to handle.  

Parents are, therefore, concerned about how to deal with the resulting discomfort. Fortunately, the numbness cream for baby ear piercing has been recommended by experts to make ear piercing pain-free for kids. The products are available over the counter and online stores.

When to pierce baby’s ears

There is no right or wrong time of piercing your child’s ears. Many experts recommend waiting until your child is three months old. At this time, the baby’s immune system has improved and can fight the infections that can occur after the procedure. 

You should not worry though-since septicity is unlikely to happen. If you choose to wait until the child is ready and aware of the process, then piercing can be done when they are around 9 to 10 years old. Here is how to know if your baby is prepared:

Image Product Name
Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream
Numb Master
Uber Numb Topical Cream
Everyday Medical Numbing Cream

Indications that your baby is ready for ear piercing

If ear-piercing was not done when your child was an infant, then it is best to wait until they are prepared for the procedure. The indication below will help you know when your baby is ready:

  • They are requesting ear piercing – If your child starts asking you over and over again to get their ear pierced, then it is the right time to do it. You will, therefore, decide whether they should go through the process or not.
  • They know what is involved – The child needs to understand that ear piercing can result in pain or discomfort. Although numbness cream can help to a great extent, you might want to consider their reaction first. If your child cries for a long time after getting a shot from a doctor, then waiting a little longer won’t hurt. Note that the child might react out of fear by just seeing the needle even if the process won’t be painful after all.
  • If they already perform other chores – It is better to do piercing on a child who knows how to take care of the pierced ear. You know this if they are already doing other duties such as brushing teeth, making their bed, and loading up the dishwasher, among others.
  • They know why the pierced ear should be taken care of – The child needs to understand why it is essential to take care of the pierced ear in the first place before they undergo the procedure. Once they know the steps and are willing to follow, then you can go ahead with the process.
  • The pierced ear will not be interfered with until it is fully recovered – No need to do piercing if your child will participate in activities that will interfere with the pierced  ears. Until you are sure, then it might be best to wait a little longer.

Where to pierce your child’s ear

Once you decide to take your child for piercing, it is vital to get competent people who will not put them at risk. Though the risk of infection is low, when done wrongly, it can bring more harm than good. Here is the safest place to get your baby ear pierced:

  • Pediatrician’s office
  • Jewelry store
  • Tattoo/piercing parlor
  • Mall kiosk

N/B: there is no restriction of who should perform piercing on your child provided they are professionals who fully understand the process. You should ensure they are hygienic. Ensure they wash their hands with sanitizer, put on clean gloves, and wash the earlobe before piercing using a sterilized needle. They should also know how to apply the numbing cream to avoid any unfavorable outcome. 

Numbing cream suggestions for you

Now that you have known when your child is ready for piercing and where it can be done, it is the right time to get the best numbing cream for baby ear piercing. Here are 5 suggestions which can be ordered from Amazon anywhere anytime:

#1. Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

This is a numbing cream that contains 5% lidocaine, which is a known ingredient for pain relief. You will achieve the numbing effect on your baby’s ear in a maximum of 20-25 minutes. The numbing lasts for 1-2 hours, which is enough time for piercing to be done on both ears. It is baby safe since there are no additive and harmful chemicals added to the cream. 

The numbing effect also works faster and lasts longer because of liposomal. The penetration goes deep in the ear, ensuring the child does not feel the pain at all. The cream is water-based, and trouble of stains from oily and creamy anesthetic will be a thing of the past. Be assured of the quality since the product is manufactured in the USA by an FDA licensed facility.


  • It is safe for babies since there are no harmful chemicals and additives
  • Fast working as it takes 20-25 minutes for maximum numbing and the effect last longer
  • Water-based cream for the stain-free process from oil and grease


  • Takes a bit of time to show the effect.

#2. Numb Master

This is a topic anesthetic that contains 5% lidocaine and can be used on sensitive skin, thus safe for children. The numbing effect is achieved within a maximum of 20 minutes and lasts for one hour. The piercing can, therefore, be done comfortably without any pain or discomfort.  Liposomal technology allows the cream to penetrate deeper in the ear to avoid any cruelty on the baby. 

The cream is water-based, thus, free of any oil and grease. This ensures no mess removal is needed after the procedure. The cream is quite stable and has a 2-year shelf life for guaranteed effectiveness. You are assured of its quality since the product is made in the USA by an FDA registered facility.


  • Fast-acting and achieves numbness in maximum 20-25 minutes and the effect lasts for 1-2 hours
  • Safe to use on sensitive skin this good for children 
  • Water-based thus there is no  mess removal after the piercing is done
  • Stable with a 2-year shelf life


  • Can leave some white residue once dried

#3. Uber Numb Topical Cream

You can count on this numbing cream for maximum painkilling power. The numbing effect starts immediately when the cream is applied on the ears and reaches its maximum in just 20-25 minutes. In addition, it has vitamin E, which helps deal with any inflammation that might occur. Skin is also moisturized to prevent itchy flaking after piercing.

You will not have to deal with any mess since the cream is water-based anesthetic; thus, no oily residue left after the procedure. Be assured of the quality of this product since it is made in the USA with a full-money refund guarantee.


  • Works faster achieving maximum numbing in 20-25 minutes which last for 1 hour
  • Contains vitamin E which help reduce inflammation
  • Water-based for a non-messy procedure


  • Not suitable for processes that take more than two hours

#4. Everyday Medical Numbing Cream

Like most of the numbing cream, Everyday Medical contains 5% lidocaine for pain relief. In addition, it has natural soothing ingredients like jojoba, tea tree oil, and aloe Vera. The cream penetrates faster and achieves maximum numbing in 15-30 minutes.  

Your baby’s ears will stay numb for up to four hours, thus giving enough time for piercing to be done. After the piercing is done, you can use the remaining cream for other skin procedures such as tattoos, microblading, and electrolysis, among others. 

The cream is oil and grease-free since it is water-based. This ensures a non-messy procedure as it leaves no residue on the applied area. Your baby is safe since Everyday Medical numbing cream does not contain chemicals and paraben.


  • Deep penetration and achieves maximum numbing in 15-30 minutes
  • Long-lasting as the numbing effect will last for 4 hours
  • Water-based for a non-messy procedure


  • Some customers complain due to lack of scent


Ear piercing is a fashion and style that many do on their children. The introduction of numbing cream for baby ear piercing has made the process bearable for the young ones. You only need to identify the time you need to do it and where it will be done, and everything else will fall in place. Pick one product from the suggestions above and watch with joy as your young one get their ears pierced!

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